A downloadable Demo for Windows

Early gameplay demo for the Crazy Bones Fan Game, nothing here is final, and the gameplay may be drastically altered before release. This demo is being released to provide early insight to the final release, and to raise awareness of the final product.

Official Discord: https://discord.gg/J7SNTnf



This video game is NOT an official Crazy Bones product, and it

has no intent to deceive anyone into thinking that it is.

This is a fan-made parody game, by a Crazy Bones fan, for Crazy Bones fans.

I, the developer, have no affiliation with the parent company(s) of Crazy Bones

This game is presented for free, with no paid add-ons and no option to donate.

I would gladly immediately remove this game upon request by the owners of Crazy Bones, or by the owners of any site it is published on.

Install instructions

The game is located in a zip folder, so you will want 7zip, after extracting the zip just run the file called "CBGDEMO"


CBGDEMO2.0.zip 14 MB

Development log


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Well, Nice concept! But I found a bug When The first player die,  dont desroy/cancel (whatever) the arrow. So i can make the arrow visible. So fix that. And (My Opinion) i dont like the Background! You could make a better one in 2 mins on gimp. Nice

hey, thanks for the reply! There are some bugs that i have noticed, but it is just a gameplay demo, so it's not final, and i will definitely take the background changes into consideration.

Im happy to bring ideas to other peapole :D